About us

SSIKKEK KOREAN BBQ BUFFET INDONESIA was opened in 1st August 2013 in Kelapa Gading by two young entrepreneurs that felt that this Korean BBQ Buffet concept will be a great magnet to the young customers in Jakarta. Korean BBQ restaurant has been associated with expensive bill, and so Ssikkek offer the new concept of having Korean BBQ in all you can eat style with affordable price.

SSIKKEK KOREAN BBQ is a restaurant that originally owned by a Korean who made his way to Singapore and opened a Korean resutaurant. He is Mr Kim. He opened his first shop in Tanjong Pagar named as “2 days 1 night” for ala-cart restaurant in the first floor and Ssikkek Korean BBQ at the second floor with the buffet concept. Having it a big time with is buffet concept; he focused more on the buffet concept and opevned a few more branches in Singapore.